Service Contract Management

Strong contract management is the strength of any successful service business. Perfectware has developed multiple tools to ensure that users can easily manage this important aspect of your business. Track all call history from the live contract. Drill down to information that sparks questions about the contract’s development.

Preventive Maintenance Tasking: Probably one of the strongest features of the system, PM Tasking and Labor Projection is a snap with all of the drill down reports generated by information already captured by Perfectware. Work load management can easily be streamlined with Perfectware’s yearly PM tasking scheduler. Changes are instantly reflected allowing for accurate business planning. We have worked diligently with Service Managers from all over the country to make this feature flexible, and quick to set up.

Service Contract Management: Developing a spend plan for every contract guarantees that all actual costs, which are captured by the system, are reflected in the contract management reports. Business managers have the ability to quickly determine the health of their business based upon the results of the Gross Profit reports generated by the system. Managers can drill down to any questionable data that could be jeopardizing the health of the contract.


  • Forecast, Estimate, and Escalate contracts based on Past Performance
  • Quickly Determine the health of the contract with Estimated to Actual Spend Plan
  • Deliver what you PROMISED to the client, auto generated calls scheduled based on contract
  • Standard tasking and custom tasking to ensure proper maintenance of equipment. To learn more click
  • Flexible PM generation based on your client’s needs: Daily Weekly, Monthly, etc.
  • Higher Customer retention due to contract compliance.




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