Perfectware was developed with the service dispatcher in mind. Perfectware’s work order screen is developed to flow with the same informative questions that typical dispatchers ask of their customers when they receive a request. Once the request is captured dispatchers can quickly alert their team of technicians about the call. The dispatch team can make smart decisions based upon pre -entered notes on customer requirements. Dispatchers that utilize the best prac tices encouraged by the Perfectware Training Team will find that they can create a controlled, organized environment even on the busiest of service days

COMMUNICATION: One button in the work order will connect the dispatch and management team to a technician’s mobile device to rapidly update customer information. Further communication buttons allow users to notify customers via a wireless device or email of arrival information, completion notifications, and quoted job proposal forms. All communication via Perfectware is tracked in the History to ensure that processes are followed accurately every time.

CALL MANAGEMENT: Live reports will drive effective call management reducing burden costs of your business. Work orders have many areas for predetermined customer notes, work order specific notes, and internal communications to drive informative conversations regarding each call through your business. To encourage meeting deadlines Perfectware has automated call escalation reminders to ensure that all levels of your business are informed of potential problem calls that will need intervention.

SCHEDULING: Dispatchers can use scheduling tools located in the dispatch reports to quickly find available technicians to ensure that arrival expectations are met every time. Dispatchers have technician qualifications, immediate access to customer locations, and specific customer requirements to ensure that the correct technician is dispatched in a timely fashion

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