Service Operations

Service Management Module

Perfectware was developed as a tool for service providers to use to accurately management the multitude of functions that occur daily in a service operation (Service Management Software). Our software is designed to manage these functions simultaneously, with unlimited users.

It is said that a service business is comprised of thousands of small transactions that must all be performed accurately to accomplish the two major goals of any service business.

Those two key goals are:

  • Provide exceptional quality service to the end customer, so they repeat their business activity with the provider.
  • Perform these tasks so efficiently that the service provider can achieve their profit goals while maintaining competitive rates.

Perfectware helps service organizations achieve these goals with state of the art technology and field tested processes. Additionally, the software has features that help the field and the sales department communicate quickly and efficiently. Perfectware, built by our users, is the most efficient software package in the marketplace today for service organizations.



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