Building owners can also use Perfectware as an onsite facility management package. This customized solution brings the features of Perfectware to the facility manager for all their equipment tracking and service needs. The system provides work orders for in-house personnel, or outside contractors, and will track the service, repair, and preventative maintenance performed. Robust reporting provides information allowing facility managers and building owner access to how much was spent, where it was spent, and with whom for better budgeting and management.

Using Perfectware’s sophisticated PM tasking process, all equipment that needs tracked can be entered, providing detailed history with a multitude of reporting options. Service history, PM tracking and reporting, equipment breakdown reporting, and much more can be easily viewed. Personnel hours and work efficiency is recorded, and can be transferred to any payroll system as well.

The software works just like the Service Management module, allowing a contractor or facility manager the ability to support the facility in a truly unique fashion.  As part of a total support package, the contractor can integrate the facility package together with other services. If a facility manager purchases and uses a Service Contractor that also uses Perfectware, service requests and information can be  electronically passed between the systems. Since all Perfectware modules are available via the web, installation on a facility site is as simple as going to the website!

Combined with the Service Management module, Perfectware allows the contractor to separate themselves from other competitors to the facility owner, increasing sales opportunities. The contractor becomes an integral part of the facility’s team!

Benefits of Perfectware Facility

  • Easy access via the web
  • Detailed equipment tracking
  • Work history for PM, repairs
  • Track Equipment repairs and expenses
  • Track Refrigerant usage
  • Track Subcontractors and expenses
  • Hundreds of reports, or export to Excel, others
  • Remote Technician access

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