Gone are the days when thorough record keeping required walls lined with filing cabinets. With today’s technology, you can easily store and submit everything electronically. This new ere there are many advantages and cost savings! Instead of sending out paper invoices for hundreds of clients each month, you can simply send email invoices. Think of the savings of paper, postage, ink, and the manpower to fold and stuff envelopes. You can also store massive amounts of information without designating an entire room just to documents or having to regularly shred or otherwise dispose of mounds of papers. If you’re on the fence about making the transition to a paperless system for your business, consider the following benefits:

Important Information All in Once Place

If information is only stored as a hard copy version, you might have to request a file every time you need it. With documents stored in various departments of the company, it makes it more difficult to access important information. What if you have multiple office locations? With a paperless system, however, everything is one spot, and all your associates have to do is locate the file they need. How about paperless service tickets? Yes, it can be done! No more time dropping off and picking up service and preventative maintenance tasking sheets in the office. Electronic tickets eliminate illegible handwriting and the need to transcribe so you can bill your customer.

Less Storage Space

Bulky filing cabinets can clutter your office and take up valuable space that could be used for something more functional, like workspace for your expanding business. Securing files also becomes less of an issue because you can control the access level by setting permissions on user logins.


If your associates need access to crucial information when they are not in the office, it could interfere with their ability to do their jobs effectively. If you use a strictly paper-based system, they will have to wait until they return to the office to review a customer’s file, for example. With a paperless system, someone such as a service technician can view vital information while in the field, simply by using their tablet, smartphone or other device. Service histories, pictures or manuals uploaded by a technician will then be accessible for future use. Dispatchers can quickly access important customer information as they are are speaking with a client and billing personnel can find the scope of work that is included or excluded with their Service Contract which reduces billing errors.

Easier Access for Customers

It’s not only your associates who will benefit from greater accessibility. Being electronic also means that your customers can see their service history by pulling up their webviewing account online. Here they will have the ability to see open and closed calls, equipment history, and also the ability to submit service requests and download data for reporting purposes.

More Efficient Archiving

With traditional paper-based systems, it was difficult to keep several years of records. Doing so often meant moving older files to a dedicated storage areas. If associates needed to access one of these older files, they have to find where the new files were moved to. Many businesses don’t have the storage space to keep records indefinitely. With electronic storage, however, you can retain as much as you want and view it as easily as you do current files. Moreover, what if there is a loss of data due to fire or water damage, where are your backups? Having electronic copies of information is an easy way to ensure you never lose your data.

Faster Invoicing

Improve your cash flow! Instead of printing out invoices and waiting for customers to receive them in the mail, you can create an electronic invoice in a matter of minutes and send it immediately. The faster the customer receives the invoice, the faster they can pay you!

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