As a Service Contractor you are probably juggling lots of customer jobs, from every day service calls, to preventive maintenance, and special projects. Having the ability to provide excellent customer service to all your customers and keeping them a top priority is most likely a key goal of your business. With all of these moving pieces it is important to have a method to organizing it all. With Perfectware Solutions, have piece of mind that your customers are indeed being treated as a priority and that you are staying on top of all your day to day responsibilities.

Project tracking is just on of the key services you may be providing that requires extra coordinating with multiple tasks for technicians, subcontractors, and vendor purchases. A project may take days, weeks, or even months to complete. Having the ability to track the progression of work and watch profitability is important.  Perfectware Solutions offers a simple but functional project tracking system to do just that! 

Maintain control over labor hours, and all costs associated with the project and compare them to the initial estimates, at any point during the progression of the project. You can even save tasks for future, similar projects so you do not have to recreate the steps each time. Stay on your completion target date with real time and visual reporting tools. The flexible billing and revenue recognition will also help maintain a positive impact on your financials from month to month, until the job is fully complete.

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