As you send your workers home, we wanted to share some tips from our associates to yours.
At Perfectware we have been working from our homes and remote locations since 2009.  In those years we have learned a few things that could help as you transition. Working from home at times can be more difficult than the office, it takes practice and discipline to be successful. With all the distractions at home, productivity is key.
1.  Create a space that is specifically for work, free of distractions like the TV, and people.  I like to keep a little music on, but with the internet being taxed, an iPod and speaker might be more desirable.  Some other tips, if you have to be out in the living areas, face away from the TV and out of the way of traffic.  Another associate at Perfectware likes to use noise-canceling headphones to keep the world out while they work.

2.  Keep to your morning routine.  If you were getting up at 6 AM and getting coffee, breakfast and getting ready for work, still keep to your routine, you just get to dress casually.  This will get you in the work mindset, and help you stay

3.  Take set breaks.  It is easy to stop work and go take care of this and that when you are at home, but constantly changing gears all day is not productive.  Focus on work, take a scheduled break in the morning, lunch, and afternoon.  The breaks are the time to stop and take care of the laundry and dishes, and everything else that has your attention and then get back to work.  If you have younger kids, setting a timer, when the timer goes off (coincides with your break) they can engage you. 
4. Make a list of work tasks and work the list. You have the same accountability to your coworkers as you do in an office setting, but without being in your normal work environment, some tasks may slip through the cracks, at least in the beginning. This helps if you get distracted to get back on task. 
5. Video conference is your friend.  Now that everyone is home and somewhat disjointed, scheduling regular check-ins, helps keep everyone on track, motivated, and helps with moral.  With email, tone and intent is sometimes misinterpreted, you cannot walk down the hall to the other person’s office, so take a quick minute and video chat. You only have to look good from the shoulders up…..
On a finishing note, this time at home is an excellent opportunity to share with your family, especially if you have older kids, what you do for work.  Enjoy this time you have with your kids and the increased flexibility.  The key is to take measures that keep you productive, even when the conditions are working against you.
Stay Healthy, Stay Safe!